Simple Beef Stew Recipe

Simple Beef Stew Recipe

Good Morning everyone,

For you fellow foodies, here is another cooking video of a simple beef stew recipe for you all to try. So after you have your beef stew, you can enjoy some chocolate truffles 🙂

Take care,

Lisa -This cooking video shares one of over 1,000 recipes from the First Class Recipes eCookbook. This simple beef stew recipe is an easy to do year round favorite amongst all stew and soup lovers. Mom’s Beef Stew Recipe delicious is a mouth watering food that you can make for a simple budget meal. To fill your cooking bible with other recipes like this, click on the First Class Recipes eBook link above. Right now, you can receive 1,000 recipes for desserts, main courses, soups, appetizers, pasta dishes, restaurant meals, drinks, breads and more for just $6.99.



One Response to “Simple Beef Stew Recipe”

  1. BakingDecorations Says:

    This sounds really good. Have to try this recipe next time.

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